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"Brings you the best water purifier PRODUCTS, because we CARE to ensure your HEALTH"
Offering a wide range of effective water purifying solutions such as Domestic Water Purifier, Industrial Water Purifier, Alkaline RO and Health Line Products...


With a vision to excel in the industry, Joystick Wellness Products has been engaged in offering world class health care products to its customers from the past two decades. Established in the year 1989, the company is a leading manufacturer, exporter, importer, supplier and trader in the domain of water purifiers. Our rich industrial knowledge, innovative products, effective marketing activities, and swift delivery system has enabled us to acquire a wide pool of satisfied customers who continue to maintain strong business relations with us.
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We are a leading manufacturer, exporter, supplier and trader
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Biontech Water Ionizer- 9P, BTM- 505N
Water Ionizer Model- BTM- 505N Alkaline- 4 steps Acid- 2 steps 5,7,9Platinium Titanium Electrodes Lifespan- Approx. 3000 Liters-1st time, 4000Liters- 2nd
Biontech Water Ionizer- 2P, BTM- 3000
Storage Capacity- Alkaline-2 Liters,Acid- 2 Liters pH Level- Alkaline - 1 Steps,Above pH 9.2 Acidic- 1 Steps, below pH 5.5 Electrodes- 2 Plates- Platinum-Titanium Electrodes
Biontech Water Ionizer- 5P, BTM- 303D
5 Plates- Platinum-Titanium Smart Design Efficient Mesh Plate Technology Electrodes Alkaline- 4 Steps / Acid- 1 Steps / Purifier- 1Step Pre-Filter with Activated Carbon & Non woven fabric, Purification Life-span Indication by LCD characters