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Welcome to Joystick Wellness Products

We are Joystick Wellness Products, a Surat, Gujarat, India-based company that was established in 2005. We are an exclusive distributor of Biontech Co. Ltd., South Korea (since 1986), having rights to import and sell their entire range. We have earned a remarkable name in the water purification and medical appliances markets, not just in India but across the globe.

At Joystick Wellness Products, we offer a series of cutting-edge technology products that are developed by a South Korean tech giant, Biontech Co. Ltd. This company is known for developing products by adapting to modern techniques and fusing them with advanced science so that the resulting creation can combat the medical challenges of the current world. We are focused on supplying the best to customers, and hence we are following the guidelines of ISO, US FDA, and GOOD. We are proud to state that in this business, we have attained 100% customer satisfaction for our entire clientele by ensuring the safety and efficacy of our products.

Our core products are Water Ionizer, Domestic Alkaline RO, Commercial Alkaline RO, Industrial RO, Water Softener, Water Cooler, Water Cooler with inbuilt RO, Hot & Cold Water Dispenser, Hot & cold water dispenser with inbuilt RO and Coin Operated Water Vending Machine (Coin / Card Operating vending machine). In addition, we provide spare parts for RO products.

We constantly work hard to bring the Next Generation of Innovative Water Ionizer Products.

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Digital Alkaline RO Purifier
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Our Mission

Our mission is to make this world a healthier place through our water technology. We work with the aim of promoting peace of mind, health, and longevity. And for this reason, we strive to reduce the harmful effects of a polluted environment on human health.

Our Ideology

We have an ideology of conceiving and ushering in a healthy corporate culture, where we operate not for the business but for the future. We will continue to put forth efforts to find ways to make our lives healthier every day.

Our Values

With the development of science and technology, we work hard to provide products and services that contribute to human health and the global environment. We make proper use of our rich industry knowledge and technology for the benefit of human beings.

Why Us?

We are proud of the success that we enjoy today. We are extensively praised and acknowledged by customers for our products and practices. Our major customers are regular users of our products and services; they consider us their most preferred vendor. Below mentioned are some of our key qualities in the domain:

  • Well-equipped manufacturing unit
  • Unmatched product quality
  • Swift delivery system
  • Competitive pricing policy
  • Efficient after-sales services
  • Ethical business practices
Most Popular Product
Biontech Portable Hydrogen Water Generator
Trendy, Simply, intuitive design. Fast and rich hydrogen electrolysis in 5mins (based on 500ml)
Biontech Hydrogen Water Generator
Trendy, Simply, intuitive design. Fast and rich hydrogen electrolysis in 5mins.
Biontech Water Ionizer- 2P, BTM- 3000
Storage Capacity- Alkaline-2 Liters,Acid- 2 Liters pH Level- Alkaline - 1 Steps,Above pH 9.2 Acidic- 1 Steps, below pH 5.5 Electrodes- 2 Plates- Platinum-Titanium Electrodes
Biontech Water Ionizer- 5P, BTM- 303D
5 Plates- Platinum-Titanium Smart Design Efficient Mesh Plate Technology Electrodes Alkaline- 4 Steps / Acid- 1 Steps / Purifier- 1Step Pre-Filter with Activated Carbon & Non woven fabric, Purification Life-span Indication by LCD characters