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Coin Operated Vending Machine

Coin Operated Vending Machines are  self-service devices that dispense water in exchange for coins or tokens. The offered machines are equipped with a mechanism that detects and accepts coins of various denominations, which activate the dispensing process. Once a customer inserts the required amount of money, the user interface on the machine, which triggers the dispenser to release the item. These Coin Operated Vending Machines are commonly found in public areas such as malls, schools, and airports, offering convenience and accessibility to customers on the go.

Product Image (Koowa Coin And Card Operated Water Vending Machines)

Coin And Card Operated Alkaline Water Vending Machines

Price: 450000.00 - 750000.00 INR

Multi coin and card operating water vending machine Water dispensing capacity- 100ml to 20ltr 18Inch TV screen for Advertisement Ro Capacity -250 -LPH -1000lph. Storage Capacity : 250 -1000 Ltr. Cooling Capacity- 250Ltr to 1000Ltr


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