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White Bioceramic Balls

White Bioceramic Balls

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Product Description

Bio ceramic Balls Usedfor Alkaline & Mineral Water Filter

1. Remove chlorine ceramic ball

Diminution of Bad Smell(organic matter, chlorine, impurities)

Remove Residual Chlorine Perfectly

ORP decreasing

2. Alkaline ceramic ball

Make Alkaline water

Emits High Capacity of Calcium

PH increase
Alkali & Antioxidant good-drinking Mineral Water

3. Antibacterial ceramic ball

Antibacterial & Disinfection - The efficiency is 99% over.

Remove bad smell in water

Prevent heavy metal to be harmful to human body

Antibacterial & Deodorizing

4. Tourmaline ceramic ball

Increase minerals

Make small water molecule by the wave of weak electricity

Effect to the emission of far infrared rays & Negative ion

5. Active Carbon ceramic ball

Water purification

Remove bad smell in water

Absorption removal of harmful heavy metal

Low-temperature heat treatment (about 180C )


 Q: What are alkaline ceramic balls used for?

A: Alkaline ceramic balls are used to make alkaline water, which has a higher pH level than regular water. They emit a high capacity of calcium and minerals, making the water more alkaline and antioxidant.

Q: What is the function of antibacterial ceramic balls?

A: Antibacterial ceramic balls are used to remove bacteria and disinfect water. They can efficiently eliminate up to 99% of bacteria in water and prevent bad smells. They also prevent heavy metals from being harmful to human bodies.

Q: What are tourmaline ceramic balls used for?

A: Tourmaline ceramic balls are used to increase the mineral content in water and make the water molecules smaller, making it easier to absorb. They also emit far-infrared rays and negative ions, which are beneficial for human health.

Q: What is the purpose of active carbon ceramic balls?

A: Active carbon ceramic balls are used for water purification. They can remove bad smells from the water and absorb harmful heavy metals. They are treated with low-temperature heat (about 180C) to enhance their effectiveness.

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